White & Black Striplines install

pdf iconwhite & black striplines how to install

easy ..

cut the foil + 2mm edge

IMG 20220516 103043 LargeIMG 20220516 103124 Large


IMG 20220516 103235 LargeIMG 20220516 103401 Large

clean with a cotton cloth and ethyl alcohol

IMG 20220516 103454 LargeIMG 20220516 103744 Large

remove part of the paper protection of the foil adhesive ,press with your finger to stick to the Saddlebags ,

gradually remove the rest of the paper protection and install the sticker

IMG 20220516 103601 LargeIMG 20220516 111010 Large

heat a little with a hot dryer before removing the transparent protective foil,smooth lightly with your finger ,

-beware hot- I recommend thin cotton gloves

IMG 20220516 110934 1 MediumIMG 20220516 111010 Large

remove the transparent protective film,remove the middle part of the label very carefully and slowly

IMG 20220516 111027 LargeIMG 20220516 103950 Large

IMG 20220327 161253 Large MediumIMG 20220516 104146 Large

reheat lightly with hot dryer and smooth the label on the suitcase,

-beware hot- I recommend thin cotton gloves

for Saddle bags of Black Leather soft surface, lightly press the foil with your finger several times so that the structure is visible

IMG 20220516 104156 MediumIMG 20220516 104210 Large

color bags

same procedure as for Black leather soft surface typ and Black shiny or when customer repainted our Raw -unpaint version of Saddlebags

you win, congratulations, your Oldtimers TEAM


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